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LiveArt HTML5 All-in-One Product Designer is a web2print designer tool, developed with the latest HTML5 stack of technologies which allows you to turn any product in your store into a customizable one.

LiveArt Quick Demo

Which solution does LiveArt offer?

Depending on the edition, you can work with LiveArt as:

  • A standalone solution for B2B customers, allowing you to collect design submissions instead of offering direct checkout.
  • A complete turn-key solution for your e-commerce site. By default, we have ready integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. For any other platforms, LiveArt can be integrated as part of a custom project.

Why using LiveArt?

We are trying to create a design tool that your users are happy to work with. We know that creativity and inspiration are impatient and work hard to fulfill the need. Our product builder is easy to start with and fun to use:

  • Simple, quick, fast on most browsers and devices.
  • Fully customizable with your product and design templates.
  • Ready to integrate with your eCommerce or website.
  • True WYSIWYG, get production-ready PDF output.
  • Professional first-level support.

What does LiveArt consist of?

The LiveArt solution consists of:

  1. LiveArt HTML5 Designer - serves just the designer tool. It can be embedded as an iframe to your website page.
  2. LiveArt Control Panel - an admin panel for managing LiveArt assets such as colors, graphics, fonts, products and pricing and also collecting orders.