Setup Fonts


Fonts are a crucial tool in the process of designing a custom product, helping users put their ideas to life.

How to add font?

To start adding font:

  1. Choose "Fonts" in the Explorer.

  2. Click on the "Add new font".

  3. Enter the Name of the new font.

  4. Enter the Font family (name of typeface that is used by this font). This Font family value should be used in vector file preparation for the correct work.

  5. Upload Font Normal (Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold&Italic). Normal file is required for font preview only. We recommend using the WOFF format as the one most cross-platform and cross-browser.


Check WOFF documentationopen in new window to get to know more about WOFF. Use Fonts converteropen in new window if you need to convert your fonts to WOFF format.

After adding the Normal file, this font preview will appear in the designer's fonts list. See the example:

  1. Set Bold and Italic allowed (if you choose NO, it disables respective controls. You can choose NO if the font does not have bold or italic typefaces).

    If you allow Bold and Italic, then these controls will appear in the designer. See the example:

  2. Upload Vector file (JS format). This file is mandatory for designer and is responsible for displaying the text with the selected font on the designer. Check how to prepare vector file for designer hereopen in new window.

  3. Click on the "Save" to save a new font.

How to edit font?

To start editing font:

  1. Choose "Fonts" in the Explorer.

  1. Click on one of the listed fonts you want to edit.

  1. Choose options you want to edit from the list of options.

  1. Click on the "Save" to save the edited font.